Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Extra Security & Convenience for our Online Banking

Securing your personal information when you use our Internet Banking Services is the most priority of The Saudi Investment Bank.

SAMA regulations, which are aligned with worldwide best practice, require that all Saudi banks implement additional protection for customers using the Internet or other self-service channels. This is in response to the increased sophistication of attempts at fraud through electronic means.

Two-factor authentication protects you by providing you with a one-time authorization code (pass-code) for every transaction that you perform. Once used, an authorization code is of no further value as it cannot be re-used to authorize any other transaction.

One time pass-codes have a very short life and are designed to expire in a few minutes. This again protects you in that an unused code quickly becomes unusable. Moreover, each time a pass-code is provided to you, any previously provided code is invalidated even if it has not yet expired.


Mobile Alert Registration

The Bank has introduced a SMS-based two-factor authentication approach that requires you to have registered for our mobile alerting service.

  • You must be registered to be able to receive a pass-code each time you want to transact through the Internet.
  • You can register for the mobile alerting service by visiting any SAIB ATM or branch. Have your mobile with you so you can instantly see that you have registered correctly.


Transacting with two-factor authentication

When you confirm a transaction using the E-Banking services by keying in your transaction password, our systems will send you a one-time authorization code by SMS. The SMS will be sent to the mobile number that is registered with our alert service.

You must then check your SMS messages to see this authorization code.