“easypay” Payroll Card

“easypay” Payroll Card

easypay® is the most effective and efficient way to reduce any Employer’s payroll expenses.

This payroll program is designed to provide benefits to any organization with any number of employees. The solution covers payroll requirements of companies across all industries, be it hospitals, construction, hospitality, services, factories, and any other industry within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“easypay” Payroll Card from the Saudi Investment Bank helps organizations reduce their payroll administrative efforts and expenses, it also addresses the financial services spectrum for blue collar workers covering salaries, purchase transactions, remittances etc.

For the employers, the comprehensive solution covers the end to end process from salary upload to dispensing cash and subsequent servicing of cardholders.

For the employees, the debit-like card empowers them to handle their cash in a safe and secure manner with multiple access options and peace of mind.

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