Secured Financing Program with the ADF

Secured Financing Program with the ADF

Secured Financing Program with the ADF

Definition of the Secured Financing Program with the Agricultural Development Fund (ADF):

The program was launched by the ADF in cooperation with The Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB), which aims at providing various financing products and credit services from the ADF in partnership with the Bank to achieve food security and sustainability of natural resources. The agreement is an important step towards enhancing agricultural development initiatives through sustainable financing, enabling ADF and SAIB to contribute to the development of the economic and agricultural sector and to achieving the ideal partnership between the government and private sectors.

Financing Process:

  • Client to submit a financing request to the ADF along with all required documents.
  • The ADF will study and evaluate the submitted application in accordance with the program's criteria.
  • If initially approved, the customer will be referred to the Bank which will study the possibility of accepting / rejecting the financing request.
  • If the Bank accepts the application, the ADF will be notified of the conditional approval pending submission of the Payment Guarantee.
  • Once the payment guarantee is received from ADF, credit agreement can be signed between the bank and the customer and accordingly avail the facility.

Required documents

  • Facilities’ requesting letter.
  • Authorization to obtain credit details.
  • Copy of the Commercial Registration. 
  • Audited financial statements for three years (for existing projects).
  • Bank account statement of the last 12 months.
  • Any further documents the ADF may requires.

For more information, please visit the program page on the Agricultural Development Fund website: Home Page (

Product Annual Percentage Rate* Administration Fees
Short Term Loans 5% - 7% plus SIBOR 1.5% - 3%
Mid/long Term Loans 6% - 8% plus SIBOR 1.5% - 3%

*Above rates may change based on the credit record of the entity.