Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee

The SAIB Sustainability Committee, formed in December 2015, is the strategic leadership body responsible for performing an oversight, advisory and advocacy role in supporting the successful implementation of the SAIB Sustainability Framework and Policy, putting it into practice across the organization and measuring and monitoring the results. The goals and function of the Sustainability Committee are to:

  • Use the SAIB Sustainability Framework, Policy and the agreed associated strategic sustainability priorities and targets to guide the implementation of sustainability across all phases and functions of the organization.
  • Champion and embed sustainability into SAIB’s corporate strategy, policies, procedures, management systems, activities and culture.
  • Identify / support the identification and implementation of high leverage sustainability initiatives that will improve performance.
  • Measure and report on performance internally and externally, maintaining a meaningful dialogue with stakeholders.
  • Periodically review and adapt (as necessary) the agreed strategic sustainability priorities and targets in the context of evolving sustainability trends, risks, and opportunities.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) serves as Chairman of the Committee, appoints the five additional members of the Sustainability Committee, and defines the term of their office. Members are chosen based on their expertise on sustainability issues of particular relevance to the business, and the importance of sustainability risks and opportunities to their business line or department. SAIB’s Corporate Sustainability Manager serves as the Committee Secretary.

Each member of the Committee has the dual responsibilities of championing and embedding sustainability within their department’s strategy, activities and culture and contributing to the overall sustainability focus and results of SAIB across the Bank. However, all staff members of the Bank are expected to contribute towards attainment of the Bank’s sustainability objectives. The Committee reports on sustainability performance against targets, and progress on initiatives to executive management and the Board on a quarterly and annual basis.