“EasyShopping” Card

“EasyShopping” Card

“EasyShopping” Card

The Saudi Investment Bank presents the "EasyShopping" card which offers peace of mind and serves your budgetary requirement. The card is offered in Saudi Riyal currency only that allows cardholders to conduct their daily transactions whether it is purchases from any point-of-sale (POS), online purchases through e-commerce websites, and worldwide cash withdrawals within the budgeted amount. It is a tool to help you control the expenses of you and your family simultaneously that will support you achieving your financial goals.


  • Must have an account with SAIB


  • No documents required, customers can apply through the following channels:
  • Flexx Click” or “Flexx Touch
  • Contacting “Flexx Call
  • The nearest SAIB branch
  • Note: documents maybe requested for new SAIB account opening.
Issuance fee SAR 100
Renewal fee SAR 75
Replacement fee SAR 50
Chargeback fee SAR 50
Cash withdrawal fees from SAIB ATMs SAR 5
Cash withdrawal fee SAR 22
Transfer (load/unload) fee No transfer fee
Foreign Currency Mark-up 2%


To check our terms and conditions click here


click here  to download the Card Transaction Dispute Form

Product Risks

To view the risks of Low-Limit Credit Cards , click here


Are there any conditions for obtaining the card?

The card is available for all SAIB account holders.

How can SAIB customers apply for this card through E-channels?

  • Login to “Flexx Click” or “Flexx Touch
  • Go to cards section then click on EasyShopping Card
  • Since it is a new card request, click on the “Card Request” option
  • Once you approve the T&C, an issuance fee of SAR100 will be debited from your account. After that, your request will be processed immediately
  • Once you receive your card, you should activate your card through “Flexx Click” or “Flexx Touch” or by calling “Flexx Call” on 8001248000 (if within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) or +96114183100 (if overseas)

What is the card credit limit?

The card is issued with a credit limit of SAR 25.

Are there any fees for loading funds to the EasyShopping Card?

No, there are no fees

Are there any fees for unloading funds from the EasyShopping Card to my SAIB account?

No fees when unloading your card.

What are the main currencies in the card?

Saudi Riyal.

Can I add more currency to the card?

No, the card issued with one currency only (SAR).

Can I use this card outside KSA?

Yes, you can. The amount will be exchanged from country currency used to the SAR at competitive exchange rates.

Can I unload money back to my SAIB account?

Yes, you can unload money back into your SAIB account for free.

Can I issue the card to any of my household employees for day-to-day grocery shopping?

Yes, you by simply requesting an additional card.

How long does it take to approve the card request?

Your request will be approved immediately as there is no need to check your credit history.

How can I get an Easyshopping Card?

Both primary and supplementary cards can be requested through internet banking “Flexx Click” or “Flexx Touch” or through phone banking “Flexx Call” and the card will be delivered via courier with 5 business days. You may also request an instant issuance by visiting the nearest SAIB branch.

How can I know the WooW points earned using my EasyShopping Card?

You can know more about the points earned by using WooW calculator by choosing the type of transaction and the number of points earned will appears, click here to use the calculator.

What happens if I lose my card or if my card is stolen and how can I request a replacement card?

In case of loss or theft of your card, immediately call 8001248000 (if within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) or +96114183100 (if overseas) to block your card and request a replacement card to be sent to you within 5 business days. You can view your PIN number through “Flexx Click” or “Flexx Touch” and “Flexx Call”.

What is the daily cash withdraw limit?

You can withdraw up to SAR 5,000.

What is limit to purchase through POS or online?

There is no limit; you can use the all available amount in the card.

What is the maximum loaded amount?

The limit is 90,000 SAR and you can load again anytime after using the amount.