Easy Payment Plan – 0% Profit Rate

Easy Payment Plan – 0% Profit Rate

Easy Payment Plan – 0% Profit Rate

You can now divide your purchases (SAR 1,000 and more) into easy and equal monthly installments (up to 12 months) with 0% profit rate at selected partners.

Easy Payment Plan is an installment program for SAIB Credit Cardholders only

Why EPP? Why is it special?

  • To help you handle unexpected large purchases (such as furniture, electronics, home appliances, and others)
  • Re-pay in equal and easy monthly installments at 0% profit rate
  • Flexible payment periods (3, 6, 9 and 12 months)
  • Multiple transactions allowed
  • WooW points earned on Easy Payment Plan transactions


How to divide my payment into installments?

Direct on online stores:

  1. Shop
  2. When you reach the payment step, choose to divide your purchase into installments through SAIB Easy Payment Plan
  3. Proceed to pay with your SAIB Credit Card

By calling the Phone Banking “Flexx Call”:

  1. Shop
  2. Pay your full purchase with SAIB Credit Card and keep the invoice
  3. Call the toll-free number at 8001248000 within 20 days from purchase date
  4. Submit your request for easy installments of your purchase

Service Fees:

SAR 50 paid once upon request approval for each transaction converted into installments (regardless of the number of installments)


Merchants participating in the EPP service:


Stores where installment is available online
Stores where installment is requested by calling Phone Banking “Flexx Call”

Amazon KSA
Fitness Time
Saud International School
The Landmark Group
Hawi Tools
ACIG Insurance
Virgin Megastore
Abdulwahed .com
Rider Bicycle
Walaa Cooperative
Malath Insurance
Alesayi Electronics
Alkhaleej Group
Salehiya Medical
Alsaggaf (Sitra)
Fairmont – Makkah
Swissotel – Makkah
Swissotel Almaqam – Makkah
Raffles – Makkah


Abdullah was surprised by the distance learning resolution. Now, he has to buy his children laptops to facilitate their access to the official e-learning platform, in addition to desks and other school supplies.

Each laptop will cost him SAR 5,000. Abdullah has 4 kids. He does not have enough liquidity, and discounts will expire soon!

How would the EPP help Abdullah turn such amount into easy monthly installments?

Abdullah’s Credit Card SAIB Vista Signature
The Store he shopped at eXtra
Device Cost SAR 5,000
Cost of All Devices SAR 20,000
Total with 15% VAT SAR 23,000
Installment Amount (if Abdullah choose 12 installments) SAR 1,916
Fees of Service SAR 50 only (Fee is fixed. It is paid once regardless of the number of installments)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Minimum transaction amount is SAR 1,000
  • Maximum transaction amount is capped at 90% of the credit limit regardless of the number of transactions done for EPP
  • Transaction must be converted no later than 20 days from the respective date of the transaction by raising a request through “Flexx Call” at 8001248000 and before the transaction is billed (Cycled) in the monthly statement.
  • Processing fee/charges of SAR 50 will apply for each transaction converted under the Program.
  • Installments at Noon e-store are available for only 6, 9 and 12 months.
  • SAIB credit card terms & condition will be applied.
  • The installment period cannot be changed to another period after it has been processed.
  • In cases where a customer makes any additional manual payments to his total due amount at any given month, then the EPP transaction will be automatically settled. 


How can I convert my purchases into Installment Plan?

You can convert your purchases using SAIB credit cards into equal monthly installments in two ways:

  • Online stores: After shopping and reaching the payment step, choose SAIB Credit Card and choose SAIB EPP Payment Plan to proceed.
  • At actual stores (points of sale): shop and pay with your SAIB Credit Card, then call our toll-free number 8001248000 within 20 days from the purchase date, and request to convert this purchase into easy installments.


Is there a minimum limit for the transaction enrolled in the program?

Yes, the minimum transaction value should not be less than SAR 1,000 and the maximum limit will be 90% of the Credit Card Limit.

Are there any fees to enroll in the program?

Yes, the card will be charged SAR 50 for each transaction converted under the Program.

Do I earn WooW points on purchases converted to Easy Payment Plan?

Yes, you will earn WooW points on any transaction on your Credit Card.

How many transactions are allowed to be converted to the Program?

Multiple transactions can be allowed to be converted to the Program within 90% of the Credit Card Limit.

What are the time periods available for Easy Payment Plan?

The tenure for the Program can be 3, 6, 9 or 12 months and this period cannot be changed after the transaction is transferred to the Program.