Flex Click Internet Banking

Internet Banking (Flexx Click)

Internet Banking (Flexx Click)

The features you need to know:

Make a Transfer

Transfer money in Saudi Riyals and other currencies between your account(s), or to a third party in local banks via SARIE or abroad via SWIFT.

Create a Standing order

Standing order is a service that allows you to create and manage your frequent systemic transfers.

Make a SADAD or MOI Payment

Pay your bills and Ministry of Interior fees using SADAD services.

Request Travel or Easyshopping cards

This service allows you to request, activate and manage prepaid cards (Travel Cards and EasyShopping Cards).

Letters and Certificates Requests

You can easily request letters and certificates, such as a customer certificate, debt certificates, and clearance certificate.

Ehsan Platform Quick Donation

This service enable you to donate immediately to Ehsan platform beneficiaries through the Internet Banking.

Account Finder Service

This service allows customer to inquire about active accounts linked to national ID or Iqama in all the banks participated in SARIE services only.

And as always, assuring you of our best services

  • View your account(s) balance and transaction details
  • Addition and activation of new beneficiaries with a feature to activate through Call Back
  • Electronic statement of account and Credit Cards
  • Stop stolen or lost mada Debit Cards from The Saudi Investment Bank
  • Self-Enrollment into the service
  • Self Service Password Reset
  • Smartphone Application
  • View real-time foreign exchange rates
  • View and subscribe the available Initial Public Offerings (IPO)
  • View your point in our loyalty program (WooW) and redeem your points with a different collection of products
Please make sure you have the following requirements:


  • The Flexx Click services are available to customers holding a current, savings or salary account.
  • This service is not provided to Joint Account holders.


Flexx Click service is offered free of charge.

Terms & Conditions

To check our terms and conditions click here

If you would like to enroll into our Flexx Click service:

Our registration process takes only a few minutes. 

Before registering in this service, please make sure you have the following at hand:

Mobile phone number registered with the Bank with the SMS Alert System activated

Valid mada Debit Card and Your Identification Card Number  

Bank Account Number  

If you wish to proceed to the online registration page, please click here



How can I register to Flexx Click service?

You can register online

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

You can generate a new password from here.

I forgot my user identity. How can I reset it?

You can retrieve your forgotten user ID from here where you will be provided with your user ID.

I don’t know my customer number. Where can I find it?

Your customer number is part of your account that appears on your statement of account. It is the 6-digit number that comes after the first 4 digits on your statement, the last 3 digits are not part of your customer number.

Which letters and certificates can be issued through the App Banking and Internet Banking without visiting the branch?

  • No liability letter
  • Certification of bank details with account number (IBAN) and balance
  • Certification of bank details with account number (IBAN)
  • Debt certificates
  • Clearance Letter