SADAD Account

SADAD Account

The features you need to know:

Secured electronic account

Creating a SADAD Account that is linked to your current account allows you to securely make online purchases

Safe and Secure Way

Amount is automatically deducted

Free of charges

Create your own SADAD Account through The Saudi Investment Bank so you can be able to make electronic purchases safely. This service entitles the customer to pay for merchants over the Internet and without the need of a card. SADAD Account facilitate direct deduction from your banking account and ensures verification before deduction.

And to ensure the safe payment and verification of merchants, we have established a channel with merchants through the “SADAD Payment System” platform in order to provide the SADAD Account service as a safe option for online payment. It is also considered as the first step in transforming traditional payment options to sophisticated digital options based on innovation.

How to create your SADAD Account:
  • Login to your current account through Flexx Click or Flexx Touch
  • From the top menu, click on “SADAD”
  • Choose “Register SADAD Account”
  • Fund your account immediately to avoid automatic cancellation upon non-use of the account

Can I open a SADAD Account in The Saudi Investment Bank?


Can I open more than one SADAD Account with the Bank?


Can I open a SADAD Account in more than one bank?

Yes, but with a different username.

Is it mandatory to have a current account?


Can I raise a claim through the Bank’s website?


Will I receive an SMS notification after each transaction I make?


How can I fund my SADAD Account?

By transferring funds from your current account to your SADAD Account.

Can I fund my SADAD Account from a current account with another bank?


Are there any fees for transferring funds to my SADAD Account?

No, it is free.