The Saudi Investment Bank American Express Corporate Card

The Saudi Investment Bank American Express Corporate Card

The Saudi Investment Bank American Express Corporate Card

Company Benefits

Welcome to The Saudi Investment Bank American Express® Corporate Card

Managing expenses is as important as growing revenue for any business. Fortunately, your company doesn't need a team of experts to improve its expense management processes - it simply needs the right tools. Drawing on extensive experience, The Saudi Investment Bank American Express® Corporate Card will provide you with a range of solutions to help your company work smarter.


Drive Savings

The Corporate Card can assist in improving payment terms with suppliers by streamlining expense reconciliation and increase operational efficiency. By consolidating spending through a customized program, your company can increase leverage with suppliers.

Greater Control Over Expenses

The Corporate Card consolidates various business expenses into just one payment platform, giving you greater control over spending. It comes with built-in control features like spending limits, hierarchy structures and different liability billing options that help manage unauthorized spend and reduce financial risk. It also allows you to easily monitor transactions and reconcile payments online, helping to streamline processes and track compliance against your company policy.

Increase Visibility

The MIS Reporting provides your company with 24-hour access to useful reporting tools through Corporate Interactive, including physical monthly reports, a monthly dashboard, and summaries of all Card spending statements. American Express® can also provide you with a monthly expense feed through a secure, password protected web environment.

Employee Benefits


We are here for you 24/7 A dedicated team is always available for any inquiries or you require more details regarding the benefits and features of your Card. For further information, call us on toll free number: 800 116 6003 or +966 11 473 4726 from outside the Kingdom. Agents are available on these numbers to take your call 24 hours a day for any of the following services:

  • Billing inquiries
  • Replacement card requests
  • Card benefits and services information

Emergency Assistance is the specially enhanced emergency travel service for Gold Cardmembers. With it, you can call from anywhere outside Saudi Arabia and receive assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with immediate referral to expert medical, legal and travel practitioners who will help you with whatever you need. Family members traveling with you can use the service too.

Almost always within two working days If your Corporate Card is lost or stolen, you will receive a replacement Card anywhere in the world as quickly as we can manage and within 2-3 working days from the date of dispatch. Contact our agents on our toll free number: 800 116 6003 or +966 11 473 4726 from outside the kingdom..

You will receive an instant SMS and E-mail for any purchases that occur on your Card keeping you up to date and alerting you of any fraudulent or unexpected transactions.

Financial Services & Insurance

Pre-set spending limit Corporate Cards shall be issued to appointed individuals in accordance with your company instructions, policies and procedures. Pre-set limits are applied to Corporate Cards and these limits can vary according to the individual Cardmembers based on frequency of traveling, your needs and requirements or seniority of the Cardmembers. Individual Card limits can be immediately increased or reduced as required, in accordance with your policy, as long as authorized personnel are making the request.

Over 800,000 ATMs worldwide Your Corporate Card can be used to withdraw up to US$ 1,000 or the local currency equivalent, every 30 days from all Saudi Investment Bank ATMs in Saudi Arabia and from over 800,000 ATMs worldwide. Withdrawal amount of Express cash service could be increased or decreased based on company needs.

100% risk free online shopping. Purchase online with the complete peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are protected with Online Fraud Guarantee. Any purchase you make online using your Corporate Card is 100% risk free for fraud.

Your Corporate Card program offers you a range of billing options to integrate with your company's accounting process: Individual billing & central settlement Each Cardmember receives his/her respective detailed monthly statement, and the company settles full spending and charges monthly within the due date. The authorized personnel receives a summary of spending and charges for all Corporate Cardmembers. Central billing & central settlement Each month, your company receives the statements with details and a summary and settles with American Express directly in full on behalf of the Cardmembers within the due date.

An extended credit period of up to 55 days from the transaction date ensures more financial flexibility, for you to put resources to better use.

Corporate Interactive Services

Information in your hand Corporate Interactive (Cl) is a state-of-the-art online tool where the company's management and Cardmembers can view statements and transactions at any time. With Corporate Interactive online access, you can now categorize expenses and transactions according to region, department, employee, cost center or business unit, etc. The online facility also provides the facility to download expense vouchers, previous months' statements and make enquiries. You can also request for weekly or daily and on-time transaction alerts, e-mails and SMS.

One-stop management You can access streamlined and flexible management information reports and manage the account administration functions in one online location. American Express® Corporate Interactive (Cl) Online Reporting is one of the comprehensive resources in managing your expense management program. American Express® has the technical capabilities to provide state-of-the-art visual reporting with access to charts, diagrams and data that will highlight spending by industry, vendor, Cardmember, limit utilization etc.

Efficiency on demand Upon setup and request, we will be able to send you expense feed files to support your company's accounting process. These files will be compatible with many back office operating systems, e.g. SAP, Oracle, Concur and others. The predefined file feed format will be modified according to your requirements alternatively, companies will be able to download all transactions into excel format through the Online Corporate Interactive tool.

Travel & Convenience

Peace of mind when travelling When you charge scheduled flight tickets to the Corporate Card, you will also receive Travel Inconvenience Insurance. This Insurance provides you compensation against flight delays, cancellations, missed connections, luggage delays, luggage loss, or not being able to board due to overbooking. Each time you purchase air, sea or land travel tickets with the Corporate Card, you will automatically receive Business Travel Accident Insurance against loss of life, personal injury, as well as special hijack cover. You are covered for the entire duration of your business trip.

Travel in style You are entitled to complimentary access to any of the following airport lounges in the Middle East, regardless of the airline or class of travel:

  • Dilmun Lounge, Bahrain
  • Cedars Lounge, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Plaza Premium Lounge, Muscat, Oman
  • Al Reem Lounge, Terminal 1, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Crown Lounge, Amman, Jordan
  • Marhaba Lounge, Dubai, U.A.E. (Terminal 1 and 3)
  • Oryx Lounge, Doha, Qatar
  • Pearl Lounge, Kuwait
  • First Class Lounge, Terminal 1, Cairo, Egypt
  • Exclusive Service Lounge, Terminal 3, Cairo Egypt

Settlement Options

A hands-on payment service in the Kingdom to help you pay your due balance through the Internet, ATM machines, over the phone and via bank branches.

Settle your bill through your bank account online. Register as an online user and add American Express to your list of beneficiaries.

Through this efficient mode of payment, you only have to make arrangements once to settle monthly payments directly through your bank

You can also settle your monthly payments through SARIE (The Saudi Arabian Riyal Interbank Express), a state-of-the-art technology. This is the fastest way to transfer funds in Saudi Riyals between bank accounts in the Kingdom.

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