Management Team

Management Team

Management Team

Mr. Faisal Abdullah Al-Omran

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Salman Badar Al-Fughom

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Mohammed Abdulaziz Al Fraih

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Majed Abdulghani Fakeeh

General Manager of Corporate Banking

Mr. Saad Othman AlMazroa

General Manager of Personal Banking 

Mr. Shankar Chattanathan

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Naif Ali AlHammad

Treasurer and Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Badr Ahmed Allaf

Chief Compliance Officer

Ms. Monirah Saleh AlSwaydani

Chief Corporate Governance Officer, Board Secretary, and Acting Chief Human Resources Officer

Mr. Mansour Mohammed AlObaikan

Chief Risk Officer

Mr. Rakan Khaled Al-Musa

Chief Internal Auditor 

Mr. Thamer Soliman Al-Humayyd

General Manager of Quality