Win a gift voucher of SAR 200 from YouGotaGift with your credit card in 2 simple steps:

  1. Spend SAR 200 on retail purchases
  2. Get your free voucher!

You can select your favorite merchant to redeem your voucher from a list of the Kingdom’s most famous merchants.

* Terms and conditions apply

Terms and Conditions

  • Customer needs to use his/her credit card to spend SAR 200 in order to avail the offer of a SAR 200 voucher
  • Only retail spends on the credit card will be taken into consideration, which excludes SADAD payments, Card payments, or any other bill payments
  • Customers will be eligible for a gift voucher on a customer level, if customer is holding multiple primary cards and meets the spend eligibility on multiple cards he will receive the gift once
  • Supplementary card spends will be included in the primary spends (total spends), however the offer is only applicable to primary credit cards
  • Only one primary card per cardholder will be considered in cases where a cardholder has two primary cards and the spend for the two primary cards will not be merged
  • Eligibility of the offer is strictly conditional upon receiving a confirmation text from the Bank. Any purchases prior to receiving the confirmation text shall not be considered as part of total spends
  • The gift voucher will be sent digitally via Email / SMS on the registered mobile number / email address with the Bank within 1 month from the end of the campaign period
  • Customer should download the mobile application and log in to avail the gift voucher
  • The gift voucher must be redeemed within 3 months after receiving the code
  • After 3 months, the gift voucher will be expired, and the cardholder will no longer be able to redeem it
  •, third party vendors, and the merchant’s terms and conditions apply
  • does not accept cashbacks, refunds or returns
  • Any disputes or claims relating in any way to gift vouchers or your balance can be resolved by calling our customer contact center at 800 124 8000
  • In case the credit card is not active or in good standing (regular on his due payments) at the time of sending the gift voucher, the voucher will be fortified
  • The campaign is being offered at the sole discretion of SAIB, and the Bank reserves the right to withdraw or amend (in whole or part) the offer terms and conditions at any time without prior notification
  • No card replacement fee will be charged to these select customers in case of lost / misplaced cards
  • Customers eligible for gift voucher will be notified via SMS / email / letter / phone call within 30 days from the end of the campaign period
  • The gift voucher is at the discretion of the Bank and can be replaced with any other gift worth the same amount
  • The gift voucher is nontransferable and customer cannot request for any other gift voucher in exchange


What is the offer?

You will get SAR 200 gift voucher when you spend SAR 200 with your SAIB Credit Card.

How will my Gift Voucher be delivered?

You will receive your gift voucher on your registered email and mobile number via SMS within 30 days from the end of the campaign period.

How can I be eligible for a Gift Voucher?

You have to receive the offer via SMS from the Bank. After receiving the offer, you will have to spend on your credit card as per the eligibility spend criteria to be eligible for the gift voucher

What is included in eligible spends?

All retail purchases made on the credit card (primary + supplementary) will be included in total spends done via POS / E-commerce.

Can I be eligible for multiple gift vouchers if I have multiple credit cards?

No, the customer is eligible for the gift voucher on a customer level and will receive it once.

How long is the Gift Voucher valid for?

Your Gift Voucher is valid for 3 months from the day you receive it. You must redeem your gift voucher within the 3 months, otherwise it will be expired.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind on the purchase?

No, this is not an option as the stores do not support this policy.