Shariah Committee

Shariah Committee

Shariah Committee

Dr. Mohamed A. Elgari


  • Former professor of Comparative Islamic Economics, King Abdulaziz University
  • Former director of Islamic Economics Research Center, King Abdulaziz University
  • Expert in the International Islamic Fiqh Academy, the Organization of Islamic Conference (Jeddah compound)
  • Member of the Scientific Committee in the Islamic Fiqh Council, Muslim World League (Mecca Compound)
  • EX-Member of the Scientific Committee at the Islamic Institute for Research and Training, the Islamic Development Bank, Jeddah.
  • Member of the Shariah Council, (AAOIFI) Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions in Bahrain.
  • Member of the Shariah Rating Committee of the Islamic Rating Agency (Bahrain)
  • Member of the advisory board of Harvard Series in Islamic Law, Harvard Law School.
  • Founding member of the National Assembly for Human Rights in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh)
  • Member in a number of Shariah Committees in Banks and Islamic financial institutions in the Kingdom and abroad
  • Winner of the Islamic Development Bank prize in the field of Islamic banking and finance for the year (1424 Hijri) (2004)

Dr. Khalid Muhammad AlSayari

  • PHD in Comparative Jurisprudence from the Higher Judicial Institute
  • Master’s Degree in Comparative Jurisprudence from the Higher Institute of Judiciary
  • Bachelor's Degree in Sharia from the College of Sharia, Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University
  • Member of the Sharia Committee at the Saudi National Bank
  • Member of the Board of Directors at the Social Economy Association
  • Member of the Advisory Committee at The Scientific Society of Islamic Banking
  • Member of the Sharia Standards Committee at the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions
  • Professor at the College of Science and Theoretical Studies at the Saudi Electronic University

Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al-Lahim

  • Graduated from the Faculty of Sharia in Riyadh in 1396 AH
  • Received a Master's degree in the year of the Prophet in 1401 e of the Faculty of the fundamentals of religion in Riyadh
  • Received a PhD in the year on the subject of the hadiths of judgments in 1409
  • He studied the subject of the hadiths of the rulings for many years
  • Issued several books in the Sunnah.
  • Participated in several scientific and service committees.
  • He is the Chairman of MedGulf Insurance Company.