How to avoid bank fraud?

How to avoid financial fraud?

How to avoid financial fraud?

Financial Fraud

How to avoid financial fraud?

  • Preserve confidentiality of personal data and bank information.
  • Ensure all notices received from the bank are correct.
  • Do not deal with unlicensed or unauthenticated parties when implementing banking transactions.
  • Minimize credit card use over the Internet; especially with unauthenticated websites.
  • Keep your computer protection programs’ software up to date.
  • Ensure updating information through official channels only: Customers can update their mobile numbers via SAIB ATMs, while updating the address can be done via our Internet Banking Channels. NOTE: No need to update your ID expiration date, as SAIB will automatically update its customers’ IDs in the Bank records after inquiring thru (Yaqeen) service to renew them without the need to visit the branch.
  • Always access the bank’s website directly.
  • Download the bank’s application through a reliable source.
  • Do not help unknown people in making any financial transaction from your account.


Raise A Fraud Case

To report a fraud case, please submit a request in the following page here.


Use of ATM Cards, Credit Cards and Internet Services

  • Keep your card number and secret number [PIN] confidential.
  • Do not accept help from any person present at an ATM.
  • Avoid using ATMs that are at remote location.
  • Sign on the signature panel as soon as you receive your card.
  • Dispose of your expired cards.
  • Ensure that your transaction is processed in your presence.
  • Check the amount required before signing the slip.
  • Preserve your invoices and double-check them with your account statements.
  • Request SMS or email alerts for your card transactions.
  • Inform your Bank about your contact details upon travel in order to contact you immediately in case of any suspicious transaction on your card.
  • Report any unfamiliar transaction alerts or if your card is lost, stolen, or not received by calling the SAIB Phone Banking number provided on the back of your card.


Awareness Tips

  • Ignore and delete SMSs and E-mails claiming you won an award.
  • Carefully read all the information provided by the bank, and be aware about all of your service or product commitments.
  • Ask for services or products that are suitable to your needs and financial abilities.
  • Avoid using computers in business centers or internet cafés to do your bank transactions.
  • Change your passcode periodically.
  • Protect your personal computers with original antivirus software
  • While browsing a webpage, make sure that the lock sign appears on the search engine, and that the web link begins with (https ://).
  • Ask the bank representative about any unclear point or condition.
  • Consult the bank when you face financial difficulties.
  • Be careful when authorizing others to perform financial transactions on your behalf.

For inquiries, please contact our Banking Awareness Unit:
The Saudi Investment Bank
P.O. Box. 3533 Riyadh 11481
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia