Treasury and Investment Group

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Treasury and Investment Group

Liquidity Management

Our Money Market team can offer different solutions to its customers to best optimize their liquidity based on their internal structures and business volumes.
The surplus funds can be invested for short, medium or long term using time and Murabaha deposits


Foreign Exchange

The team helps clients managing their FX exposure with solutions ranging from a simple FX transaction to more exotic FX products. The team’s holistic approach means they work closely with clients, and offer solutions that are tailor-made to suite clients need.



Structured Products

The Treasury Structured Solutions evaluates the Clients financial exposure, hedge the Clients exposure, and protect the Clients bottom line by tailor-made hedging solutions that fits the Client’s needs/requirements. Moreover, The Structured Solutions Desk will also provide investment ideas or investment opportunities on all asset classes based on the Clients risk appetite. All the products provided to our Clients can either be Conventional or Shariah-Compliant based on the Clients request.


  • Interest-Rate Derivatives
  • Foreign Exchange Derivatives
  • Commodity Derivative
  • Structured Deposit



Investment Department

The Treasury Investment manages a wide variety of asset classes for the Bank’s proprietary portfolio. Its investments may include various local and international debt instruments such as Saudi Government bonds and Sukuk, US Treasury, US Agencies, European debt instruments, corporate bonds, GCC bonds, Saudi and international corporate bonds and Sukuk. As a principal, Treasury Investment from time to time may offer to sell or buy blocks of securities to the market in order to re-balance its portfolio or balance sheet.



Financial Institutions

  • The Financial Institutions Department (FID) is in charge for establishing and maintaining banking relationships with international banks, local banks and non-banking financial Institutions.
  • SAIB has a vast network of international counterparties with access to several geographic points globally


  • Trade finance
  • Cash management (Nostro & Vostro)
  • Support Treasury/Investment services.



Public Institutions

The Public Institutions department offers a set of services to the government entities, the semi-government and public institutions to build a strategic partnership through our products and banking solutions that will enhance the relationship between the bank and public institutions and its employees.


  • Asalah Accounts
  • Traditional account
  • Treasury and Investment products
  • Time and Murabaha deposits
  • Structured Products
  • Flex Business
  • Payroll services




Business Partners

Business Partners Department at SAIB is responsible for monitoring the Bank's Investments in Subsidiaries & Associates companies, managing SAIB's shareholding relationship with these companies and promoting cross-selling efforts between SAIB & the Partner companies. The Bank's Partner companies include the following:


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