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A Letter from
the Chairman

As we approach the end of another important phase of our history, with the knowledge and experience gained, we are confident of facing any challenges the next decade may bring.

It is my pleasure to present to you the Bank’s second Integrated Report combining the sustainability and annual reports. The past year was another successful period for the Bank as it focused on exceptional customer service through digitalisation and automation of traditional banking services. This enabled the agile development and release to the market of new value-added products and services.

With Vision 2030 being rolled out within the Kingdom, the various initiatives embedded within this vision are expected to have a positive impact on the economy, which in turn will generate positive opportunities for the banking sector. The Saudi market for banking services is now changing more rapidly than what we had seen before which will mean that closeness to the customer is essential for us to maintain a competitive edge and build a sustainable future for the Bank.

Keeping up in such a dynamic and fast changing industry demands that we recruit talented people and keep upgrading their skills through professional training programmes as they are our most important assets. We are focused on empowering and supporting women in the work place and in the community.

Finally, I would like to recognise the significant contributions made by our previous Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Musaed Al-Mineefi who brought significant operational changes through innovation over many years.


Abdallah Saleh Jum’ah
March 31, 2019


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