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Stakeholders are individuals or entities who by virtue of positions they hold or their relationship with the Bank, are affected by the activities of the Bank or whose actions, opinions or perceptions have an impact on the Bank.

SAIB, by virtue of being a Bank operating in Saudi Arabia, is bound by various laws and regulations, some of which relate to protection of stakeholder interests. These include the provisions of the Saudi Companies Act, which lays down policies the Bank should adopt to protect stakeholders; supervisory guidelines issued by SAMA and Corporate Governance rules issued by CMA which protect stakeholders against any violation of their rights. CMA rules provide for mechanisms for settlement of disputes and compensation for any violation of stakeholder rights.

SAIB’s stakeholders include investors, customers, business partners, employees, regulators, and the community. There may be “temporary stakeholders” with whom the Bank interacts on certain special projects and or issues; there are also stakeholders who do not transact directly with the Bank but yet have an indirect relationship with it. Examples of such silent stakeholders are environmental groups and future generations.

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