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Our Approach to Sustainability

Sustainability management is the integrated management of economic, environmental and social performance to create value for all stakeholders within the business and society. The purpose of sustainability management at The Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB) is to establish a unique market position that allows it to achieve significant financial and reputational gains from its sustainability leadership. SAIB’s sustainability efforts and innovations can be a point of passion for SAIB’s customers and employees, thereby drawing in new customers and talent, while significantly enhancing retention of both.

Furthermore, SAIB operates in a national context where growing social, economic and environmental challenges require unprecedented innovation, collaboration and solutions. Business must be a partner in these efforts.

SAIB’s approach to sustainability, designed to secure these gains, is defined through the five pillars of its sustainability framework. Our Sustainability Policy document describes the sustainability framework followed by the Bank, the corresponding strategic objectives for SAIB, and the policies and practices SAIB will apply in conducting its business in order to achieve these objectives..

Sustainability Framework

Our Sustainability Framework represents the integrated approach we are taking to make our business more sustainable.
The Bank has identified five pillars of this framework to organize our approach, anchored to Islamic principles of good governance and management.

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Together for a better world