Test Your Banking Awareness

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Test Your Banking Awareness

1 The minimum amount required to open a bank account is:

2 A bank account will be blocked _______ from the date on which the last financial transaction has been executed:

3 A customer can update his personal information from:

4 In case of lost or stolen ATM card, the customer must report to:

5 If no financial transaction is executed on the account for more than 24 months, the bank will change the account status to:

6 If you have any issues with your credit card (Visa) while travelling, you must refer to:

7 The basic elements in a cheque are:

8 If the customer has a credit card, there is a minimum percentage of _____ to be settled monthly in his/her SIMAH Credit Report, even if he/she didn’t use the card:

9 The maximum deduction percent of the monthly salary for the personal finance is:

10 Penalties for writing a dishonored cheque include a fine of: