Travel Season Offer

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Travel Season Offer

Travel Season Offer

Convert your travel expenses into 0%-profit installments (3-12 months) if they exceed SAR 1,000 at all eligible hotels and airlines worldwide using SAIB Credit Cards thru Easy Payment Plan program

  • Valid from 1-31 December 2018
  • Terms and conditions apply

Offer Terms and Conditions:

  1. Offer valid from 1 December 2018 until 31 December 2018.
  2. Minimum transaction amount to be converted is SAR 1,000.
  3. Maximum transaction amount to be converted is capped at 75% of the credit limit with maximum amount of SAR 30,000 regardless of number of transactions converted to Easy Payment Plan program (EPP).
  4. Transaction must be converted no later than 20 days from the respective date of the transaction. To convert a transaction, customer should raise a request by calling “Flexx Call” Phone Banking.
  5. The Bank will process the transactions that are included in the offer for the eligible merchants only (hotels and airlines) whether the transaction was thru sales offices or online. The Bank has the right to not approve requests that do not correspond to the eligible merchant's activity.
  6. Processing fee/charges, per EPP transaction, will apply as follows:
    3 Months: SAR 50
    6 Months: SAR 100
    9 Months: SAR 150
    12 Months: SAR 200
  7. In case the cardholder wants to cancel the Easy Payment Plan transaction, an SAR 100 cancellation fee will apply.
  8. The Bank has the right, upon its sole discretion, to reject a customer’s request without justification.
  9. Other SAIB Credit Card Terms and Conditions apply.