Credit Cards Activation Offer

Credit Cards Activation Offer

Credit Cards Activation Offer

Activate .. Spend .. Win!

Win a gift voucher of SAR 500 from YouGotaGift with your credit card in 3 simple steps:

  1. Activate the card
  2. Spend SAR 500 on retail purchases
  3. Get your free voucher!

Select your favorite merchant to redeem your voucher from a list of the Kingdom’s biggest merchants. 

* Terms and conditions apply

Offer terms and conditions:

  1. Campaign is valid from 5 September 2021 until 5 November 2021
  2. Customer must activate his credit card and spend SAR 500 during the campaign period to get a free YouGotaGift voucher of worth SAR 500
  3. Customer eligibility is strictly conditional upon receiving a promotional SMS, or a phone call, or an email from the Bank
  4. Any purchases prior to receiving the promotional offer from the Bank shall not be considered as part of the total spend
  5. Minimum spend can be covered by the total spending on both the primary and its supplementary cards which will qualify the customer to receive one gift voucher. In case the customer has multiple primary cards, the customer will be eligible for one single gift voucher only (for one primary card), even if he meets the eligible spend criteria on other primary cards. The offer is limited only to the credit cards that has been activated during the campaign period
  6. Supplementary cards spending will be included in the primary cards total spending; however, a customer cannot be eligible for the offer using the supplementary card alone
  7. The eligible customer will get one voucher even if the customer is eligible individually for using more than one primary card.
  8. Only retail spends on the credit card will be taken into consideration. SADAD, credit due payments, or any other bill payments will be excluded
  9. Eligible customers will be notified and issued a 500 SAR gift voucher within one month of campaign completion date. The gift voucher will be sent digitally via email and SMS on the customer’s contact information registered with the Bank
  10. In case the eligible card is lost or misplaced, customer can request a free replacement credit card through the Bank’s mobile app (Flexx Touch)
  11. Credit card must be active, and customer should be regular on his due payments at the time of gift voucher issuance in order to receive the voucher
  12. Customer should download the Mobile Application and login to avail the gift voucher
  13. The gift voucher must be redeemed 3 months after receiving the code
  14. After 3 months, the gift voucher will be expired, and the cardholder will no longer be able to redeem it
  15. The Bank reserves it’s rights on an unconditional basis to use the names of the winners in its website, social media accounts, or any other channels for promotional purposes, without additional compensation, and without obtaining prior approval from the participant unless such violates any other laws
  16. SAIB reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or replace the gift voucher with any other prize of the same amount
  17. The gift voucher is nontransferable, and the participant does not have the right to ask to exchange it with any other prize item
  18. YouGotaGift, third party vendors, and the merchant’s terms and conditions apply
  19. does not accept cashbacks, refunds or returns
  20. For any dispute related to YouGotaGift gift cards or balance, please call our customer contact center at 800 124 8000
  21. The Bank reserves the right at any time to amend/add/modify (in whole or part) any of the terms and conditions of this offer


How will my Gift Card be delivered?

You will receive your voucher on your registered email and via SMS on your registered mobile number within 30 days of the end of the campaign period.

How can I be eligible for a Gift Card?

You have to receive the offer from the Bank via SMS or Email. After receiving the offer, you will have to use your credit card as per the eligibility spend criteria to receive the gift.

What transactions that are considered as eligible spends?

All retail purchases made on the credit card (the primary and the supplementary) will be included in total spends conducted at stores (POS) or online payments.

Can I be eligible for multiple gift vouchers if I have multiple credit cards?

No, the customer is eligible for one gift voucher.

How long is the Gift Card valid for?

Your Gift Card is valid for 3 months from the date of receiving the voucher. You must redeem your gift card within the 3 months, otherwise it will be expired.

Can I get a refund if I changed my mind on the purchase I made using the voucher?

No, this is not an option as the stores do not support this policy.