Trade Finance Services

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Trade Finance Services

With SAIB Trade Finance Services, companies can now extend their business without worrying about transaction settlements. We aim to help your business minimize the risk of local and international trade and advance further in a highly competitive market.

Our Trade Services Unit is centralized in Riyadh and provides its services to all regions within the Kingdom. Customers may submit their applications and take delivery of documents through any of our branches in the Kingdom.

We employ specialized staff and are equipped with sophisticated systems designed to handle both domestic and international trade related transactions. We guarantee a faster, smoother and safer business with our trade finance services.

Import Finance

Our import finance services include:

  • Documentary Credit.
  • Standby Letters of Credit.
  • Documentary Collections.
  • Shipping Guarantees.
  • Re-finance Facilities.

Export Finance

We provide a range of services, from initial status enquiries to transactions and acceptance discounting, to support your plans.

Formulate your customized trade finance plan with the help of our experts.

Formulate your customized trade finance plan with the help of our experts.

Guarantees and Bonding

To complement your contract finance requirements, we issue a full range of guarantees including Bid Bond, Performance, Payment, Advance Payment, Retention, Warranty and Customs.

Apply for Trade Finance Services from The Saudi Investment Bank, just download the application and visit one of our branches or for more information please contact our flexx call at 8001248000.