Talent Program

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Talent Program

Focus on Talent

At SAIB, we recognize our employees as our most valuable assets. Therefore, we want to be a Great Place to Work for every employee:

  • We take employee benefits such as occupational health & safety measurements very seriously.
  • We offer our employees a variety of training and development opportunities.
  • We invest in creating an inspiring working environment.


We want to enable our employees to develop their own talents and invest their time and knowledge in meaningful community projects.
Through the development of the Employee Volunteer Program launched on International Volunteer Day, employees are able to participate in numerous societal initiatives such as the International Day for the Elderly and Orphanage Day.

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Facts & figures

Did you know that:

  • We have launched a young Hires Program to give 100 young Saudi's the chance to find exciting job opportunities in the financial sector.
  • SAIB has its own Employee Recognition Program that aims to reward the bank's employees who have made outstanding efforts and achievements outside their current role and responsibilities.
  • Our diversity figure has increased to 12%
  • We have a 79% Saudi workforce
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Our top social initiatives

  • Food Box Initiative: During the Holy month of Ramadan 2012, SAIB staff distributed food baskets to a large number of less fortunate families across the Kingdom.
  • Clothing Initiative: During the Holy month of Ramadan 2012, SAIB staff organized an initiative for supporting needy families by providing them with prepaid clothing vouchers distributed to a large number of families in need.
  • International Day for the Elderly: SAIB female staff volunteered by visiting a nursing home for the elderly for the purpose of honoring elders and providing care and moral support.
  • Orphanage Day: Voluntary training for Female Orphans on the Banking sector to encourage interest and employment in the field
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