Shared Value Program

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Shared Value Program

Creating shared value

From a Corporate Sustainability perspective, our guiding principles on Value Banking enable us to have another look at our products and the external positioning.

At the same time, the concept of Value Banking makes Sustainability and sustainability thinking part of our core business.

This is reflected in three different areas:

  1. Customer Service & Dialogue
  2. Responsible Marketing
  3. Product Development


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Facts & Figures

Did you know that...

  • SAIB's Customer Satisfaction rating exceeded 90% in 2012.
  • This year, SAIB celebrates the launch of its first Credit Card.
  • This forms a great contribution to our Personal Banking product offering.
  • SAIB has kicked up efforts in its internal and external Fraud Awareness Campaigns to educate customers on safegurding personal information and methods of fraud prevention.
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  • We received the CSR Award 2012 for being one of the best banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Corporate Social Responsibility from the Arabic Organization for Social Responsibility.
  • SAIB was awarded the Quality Recognition Award in 2012 by JP Morgan Elite.
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