Our Sustainability Strategy

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Our Sustainability Strategy

Corporate Sustainability

As a financial services provider, we have an important role to play in different domains within the lives of the Saudi people.

Because finance and commerce are processes that attach the world’s resource base to production and consumption, we believe the financial sector has an opportunity to bring back the balance between the three.

The ultimate goal of our sustainability efforts is to foster the growth of our country and the world at large, and to ignite our people, whilst, in the long term, helping us to grow our bank in the Kingdom.

Our Corporate Sustainability strategy is translated into three programs:

  1. Talent Program
  2. Operational Excellence Program
  3. Shared Value Program
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Introducing: Value Banking

We believe that in today’s world, another kind of banking is necessary:

  • A banking philosophy that favors long term financial relationships with the community over short term transactions with clients
  • Banking that is about economics and values, rather than simple money making.
  • A system that is built on trust and sustainable relationships, and not just signed contracts.

We see that the world needs Value Banking. SAIB stands for this new way of banking. To bring this into practice in our everyday business, this year we formulated four Value Banking guiding principles.

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Value Banking Guiding Principles

  1. Promote innovation and leadership through dialogue to best serve society
  1. Embrace the values and opportunities of Shariah Compliant Banking to encourage ethical banking
  2. Fair & just business for open and trustful relationships
  3. Sharing our financial expertise with customers and the community at large leading to sustainable financial leadership
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