Operational Excellence Program

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Operational Excellence Program

Operational Excellence

With ambitions to contribute to a better and more sustainable world, we realize we have to begin with ourselves. We work on making sure our operations are sustainable, and reduce our impact on the environment.

Sustainable quick wins with considerable environmental impact can be found within the domain of facility management and business operations.

We achieved 12% water saving per full time employee in 2013.

Green Campaign
In 2012, we also launched the Green Campaign to raise awareness on environmental sustainability matters among employees. This way, our employees become our Sustainability ambassadors.

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Facts & Figures

Did you know that...

  • With the introduction of the Interoffice Reusable Envelope we have reduced our average envelop usage by 40%.
  • The Carbon Footprint of SAIB is 19.710 tC02 (17,4 tCO2/ FTE). This is an improvement of 11.2% compared to 2011.
  • We are replacing conventional lighting with LED lighting. We're talking about more than 300 lights per branch.
  • We have replaced our monthly paper statement with a far more environmentally friendly e-statement. This saves us 50,000 paper versions per month.
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Our top 5 Environmental Initiatives

  1. Introduction of Paper Recycle Bins at our HQ.
  2. Water conservation through pressure sensors.
  1. LED lighting at HQ
  2. Internal Print Less Initiative campaign.
  3. Use of reusable inter-office envelopes.
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